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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

At Cawston, only staff and students will be allowed past the front office gates and school gates before and after school. We have a very qualified and diligent staff supervising the students. We have a closed campus in order to increase student safety. 

Drop Off  Procedures:

*In the morning all students may enter the campus through the main gate located at the end of the main drive on Cawston Avenue. Any adult wishing to enter campus, must check in at the office. All visitors must sign in and wear a badge when on campus. 

*Cawston is proud to offer student valet service. This is a group of trained fourth and fifth grade students who are available each and every morning to help open car doors and assist students out of the car. In order to expedite this process, please pull closely to the curb, have your student(s) seated on the right hand side of the car (if possible) and unlock your doors. This service has greatly reduced the amount of time in the drop off line in the morning! 

Pick Up Procedures:



The following classes will be stationed along the Cawston Avenue Loop (main loop): Pellicer, Capps, Curley, Foohey, Avants, and Love.

The following classes will be stationed along the Menlo Ave Loop (bus loop): Dodd, and K.Fosness.

There will be a pick up lane. Use the pick up lane to retrieve your child from the curb. You will not be permitted to get out of your vehicle at any time. As your car pulls up to the designated loading area, staff will assist your child to the vehicle. Once all cars are loaded in the designated pick up area they will pull forward and the next set of cars will be loaded.

We hope that this process will happen quickly, but please be patient as we want to make sure that all students are safely dismissed.

1st Grade - 5th Grade

*All students in grades first to fifth will be walked out the main gate located at the end of the main drive on Cawston Avenues.

*Please keep the sidewalk clear for teachers to escort students out to the front of the school (grass area).

*Please use the parking lot crosswalk to return to your vehicle and do not cross in the middle of the parking lot.

*Please consider establishing a designated meeting spot/area to pick up your child after school. We highly encourage parents to park on the street and walk to meet their child.