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Dear Parents:

My name is Lori Hulsey. I will be your child’s teacher this year. This is my 11th year teaching in the Hemet Unified School District. This will be my 20th year of teaching and 15th of teaching specialized academic instruction or otherwise known as special education. I have my teaching credential in special education along with a Masters in Special Education. I have a daughter who is entering high school this year, boy it seems like yesterday that I was walking with her hand in hand to kindergarten.

While you aren't part of the teaching staff, you are just as IMPORTANT to your children's education as we are.

Your children receive the best education when you and our dedicated teachers work as a team. It's a parents enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspires children to do their best; and a teacher's ability to teach what they need to learn. Together we can achieve wonderful things.

There's a lot of excitement ahead of us, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master. I look forward to you sharing in those exciting times.

As a parent myself, I know how fast time goes by. One year your child's in 1st grade and seemingly in the blink of an eye they're in middle school, or in their senior year of high school for that matter.

I encourage you to fully embrace the moment and urge you to take the time from your busy schedule to become familiar with our school.

In closing, thank you for your commitment to your child's education and I look forward to seeing you in the very near future.


Lori Hulsey

Specialized Academic Instructor

Cawston Elementary School

(951) 765-0277

[email protected]